Monique Schlosser

name Monique Schlosser is a resident of Saskatchewan whose personal and career challenges were a combination that led her into the world of entrepreneurship marketing a world class line of Nutritional products. “My main business background was in the world of Interior Decorating,” said Schlosser, “and though I loved the job I did not love the career path I was on and eventually I made a decision that turned out to be a blessing as I decided to pursue my burning passion to be my own boss and pursue helping others in the exploding Health & Wellness Industry … an industry I became very familiar with as a result of a major accident in 2002 that left me with 24/7 intense pain as I suffered a collapsed lung, fractured shoulder, broken ribs and facial scarring. But thanks to the support of great friends I was introduced to products that had grape seed extract along with High Grade Q10 that resulted in a healing process that mystified my doctors and inspired me to introduce after extensive research my business model ( that offers the finest products in this industry.

Ms. Schlosser is marketing her business model on a worldwide basis implementing the tools of modern technology ( that drives thousands of interested prospects to associates personal web sites with the simple touch of a button. “You will not find a better marketing program, product line or commission and incentive payout than what I offer,” said Schlosser, “as weekly commission checks tied into Leadership compensation rewards along with luxury vacation packages and new cars offers associates an opportunity to experience Christmas 52 times a year. I encourage anyone who has lost a job or feeling the stress of a needed career change to give my office a call or contact me via my blog ( as I have the keys to the Rolls Royce of Home Based programs with a full tank of gas that can help them quickly drive down the road to success.”

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